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Craft beer brewery candle type diatomite filter before filling JGLZ


ZSGYJ0.2-N Candle pressure filter

Filter area:0.26M2

Filter rate:200L/h

I. Main structure and configuration

ZSGLJ-N Candle filter is consisted of filter system, stirring system, pipelines appendix and electric control system.

1. Filter system: is consisted of filling system, top dished head, washing system, pressure gauge, feed/exhaust valve, filter cylinder, candles.

2. Stirring system: is consisted of reducer, stirring cylinder, stirring axis.

3. Pipelines appendix: is consisted of metering pump, conveying pump, flow meter, pipelines, valves, pressure gauge.

II. Working principle

ZSGLJ-N Candle filter adopts adding pressure sealed, finesses filtering with multi candle holes, to get good separate effect. The structure: many stainless steel candles are installed in a sealed case, for sticking the diatomite filter aid. When filter runs, first pre-coating the diatomite on the surface of candles, then filter can be working.

Principle: when the conveying pump is filled by liquid and diatomite mixture and get a pressure, the pump make a circle inside and outside the cylinder. Under the conveying pump action, the liquid flows from outside of candle to the inside, while the gap of candle torsion lace give a choke, to make a pressure difference from candle in and out, as the filter layer. In the normal filter, complete liquid get clean under this filter layer.

III. Prepare work before running

1. Washing and sterilize the filter.

2. Check every parts and elements.

3. Test with water, check every seals not leaking.

4. Make diatomite mixture in this rate: pre-coating 1.5kg/m2, adding 1.5kg/t, liquid/diatomite is 10:1, thickness/thinness is 1:1.

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