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Convenience, experience, mindful drinking and cannabis — four factors changing the beer industry

Aug. 01, 2018

Reprinted from Craft Brewing business,writer of Pretty Much a Press Release

Convenience, experience, technology and mindful drinking are key driving factors in the constant evolution of how, where and what beverage alcohol consumers are drinking. The IWSR Global Trends Report 2018, released this week, explores the pivotal trends changing the landscape of the global alcohol market.

Convenience factor

Online channels are revolutionizing the industry. E-commerce sales are rapidly gaining traction across the globe, creating a new frontier for beverage alcohol sales. A new tech-savvy generation of consumers are turning their back on traditional retail, opting for the convenience and simplicity of ordering online. The speed and ease of service provided by on-demand delivery platforms such as Drizly in the United States or Bevy in the United Kingdom is one of the fundamental drivers of online purchases. In addition, on-site sales at local producer-level and drive-through liquor stores are catering to the demand for more convenient purchase options.

Occasion-based drinking

Concerts, pop-up restaurants, food fairs and other event-based occasions are all contributing to the rise of the ‘new’ premise where experience sits at the heart of the occasion. With brand activations often tightly integrated into the activity, these non-traditional events and venues are challenging the long-held assumption of specific products for

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