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Industrial Brewery Hotel Refrigerator Cold Liquor Chilling Machine


Chiller specification(take 6HP product as example):

1.Function: Glycol cooling

2.Model: ICA-6 3.Cooling capacity: 9.6kW, 8254kcal/h; The

cooling capacity is based on the ambient temp. 35℃, glycol water (40%) the inlet water temp.

0℃, target outlet water temp. -2℃

4.Power source: 3 phase 400V, 50Hz

5.Gross power: 5.3kW, rated current: 10.2A

6.Compressor: Brand: Copeland; Flexible scroll type; Power:4.7kW; Compressor quantity:1 set

7.Condenser: Efficient inner fin coil, max. pressure:3.5MPa; Fan type: Low noise enhance ABS plastic fan wheel; Fan quantity: 2 sets 8.Evaporator: water tank volume: 70L; pipe size:DN25; Water max. Pressure: 1.5MPa; Water flow: 1.4m3/h

9.Pump: stainless steel centrifugal; Power: 0.37kW; Head:21m

10.Refrigerant: R404A; Throttling type: thermal expansion valve

11.Protector: Pressure, overload, anti-freeze, delay, over-temperature, flow

12.Noise lever: 65 dB(A)

13.Unit weight: 220kg

14.Dimension(LxWxH, mm): 1220x720x1325 

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