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Tips for Checking Air Leakage Of Bottled Beer

Mar. 11, 2024

Tips for checking for air leakage in bottled beer

In order to ensure the quality and taste of beer, filled beer bottles need to go through strict air leak inspection. After pressing/screwing, special attention should be paid to checking that the cap is tight and not skewed, that the mouth is intact, and that the cap liner is flat and free of cavities. All of these factors can lead to beer air leakage, which in turn affects the quality and taste of the beer.  

In a leaky beer, the poured beer loses its foam due to the escape of carbon dioxide, and the taste is not mellow and appears thin. Therefore, after pressing/screwing the cap, each bottle of beer should be checked for air leakage.  

A simple and effective way to check is to turn the beer bottle upside down. If the bottle is sprayed or bubbled immediately when turned upside down, then there is a good chance that the beer is leaking. In addition, if white foam appears on the teeth of the cap for a period of time after inversion, it also indicates that the bottle of beer is leaking. The longer the foam is formed, the less leakage it is. 

In short, in order to ensure the quality and taste of beer, it is essential to check for air leakage after pressing/capping. With the inverted inspection method, we can detect and resolve air leaks in a timely manner, ensuring that every bottle of beer delivers the best possible drinking experience for consumers.

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