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Pub bar academy draught beer brewing system 300L


Nowadays,craft beer is popular in the whole world.

No mater you are a beginner or a skilled brewmaster.

Only if you have passion for beer,then you could have your own one.

Why choose ALE? Because we know what you want, and know how to help you brew beer.

Choose ALE,choose the best beer!

Product Details

Mash System:


2.Thermal insulation material: rock wall, thickness: 80MM, Polishing coefficient: 0.4µm

3.Heating method: steam heating jacket/ electric heating

4. Temperature measurement method: PT100 temperature probe

5. With:thermometer, level all necessary valves and fittings;

6.Stainless steel legs, with screw assembly to adjust leg height.

7.Process: TIG welding, polished inside and outside, no welding dead, fluid quality assurance

8.Filter method: Machine sieve filter plate(interspace: 0.75mm), Anti-blocking ladder type structure.

9. Stirring method: top stirring with a speed reducer. Voltage: customize

Fermenting System:

1.Effective volume:300L,

2.cylinder tank; Inside surface: SUS304, Thickness: 3mm, Outside surface: polishing stainless steel, Thickness:1.5mm, Polishing coefficient: 0.4µm

3.Thermal insulation material: Polyurethane (PU) foam,Insulation thickness: 80mm.

4 Working pressure: 0.2Mpa;

5.Bottom design: 60degree cone for easy to exist yeast. Polishing coefficient: 0.4µm 

6.Cooling method: Dimple cooling jacket(Cone and cylinder 2 zone cooling; Or screw type belt

7.Cleaning system: Fixed-round rotary cleaning ball.

8.Temperature measurement method: PT100 temperature probe

9.Control system: PT100, temperature control;

10.Manhole: side manhole on the cylinder, Shadowless manhole.

11.With: CIP arm with spray ball, pressure gauge, mechanical pressure regulating valve, hops adding device and CO2 adding device,sampling valve, breath valve, Ice water solenoid valve, thermometer, etc.

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