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Tips for purchasing craft beer equipment

Mar. 08, 2019

In recent years, the fiery heat of craft beer has made some home brews successful in commercialization. The commercial approach must be through specialized equipment to ensure the stability of quality and the stability of production. A set of fine equipment from 10 million to hundreds of thousands, is also a small investment, the quality problem is definitely the most concerned about everyone, the manufacturer's strength and equipment processing details are particularly important.

The following is a summary of some of the details during purchase of beer equipment:

1. Brewhouse system configuration

Tips for purchasing craft beer equipment

a. At present, the hotel bar brewing equipment is mainly for the space-saving and easy-to-operate German-style equipment. (Glycation boil one tank, filter tank and spiral tank together with one tank) These equipments have been tested by the market. After the winemaker's evaluation, it is the preferred equipment for the craft store. Other factory-type equipments are more collocated, two, three, four, hot water tanks, which can be properly configured in combination with the fermenter conditions and production schedules.

b. If possible, it is recommended to add a hop to add filter cans, which can filter the hops to prevent the blockage of the heat exchanger, and can also add hops to increase the scent of the broth of the fermentation broth.

c. The domestic filter equipment filter tank is almost all cone-shaped, so the processing is convenient, the cost is also low, but the yield of wort is also low, the best design is flat bottom (the price is slightly expensive), one is the filter tank The speed is fast, but the yield of wort is higher. At the same time, it is easy to disassemble the sieve plate. After each brewing, the sieve plate is taken out and rushed to dry. It is recommended that the winemaker often wash and wash the sieve plate, because the sieve plate is full of a place that is easy to hide dirt. It is usually not visible, and it is easy to breed bacteria in summer.

d. The washing tank spray coil of the filter tank is convenient and safe to spray directly through the washing drum and the pipeline through the pump and the pipeline. If there is no spray coil, it can only be washed manually and held by itself. It is dangerous and troublesome to wash the hose with a hose.

e. The heating method of the boiling pot is very important. Steam heating is the best choice. The steam heating is evenly heated, the color of the wort is not too deep, and the boiler needs to be equipped. The equipment cost is slightly higher. Electric heating tube heating can be used on equipment below 1000 liters. It can be avoided by the auxiliary measures such as stirring, etc. It is recommended to use steam heating for equipment above 1000 liters.

2. Fermenter

Tips for purchasing craft beer equipment

a. If the budget is sufficient, then the side hole or upper manhole, mechanical pressure regulating valve, breathing valve, sampling valve, laser welding jacket, hop dry mouth, etc. need to be matched.

b. The most important thing is the material and thickness of the board. The temperature generated in the use is too high, too low, too high pressure, acid and alkali will cause fatigue of the steel plate, affecting the service life of the fermenter. The thickness of the liner above 500L shall not be less than 3 mm, the thickness of the ice water jacket shall be 1.5 mm, and the thickness of the outer envelope shall be 2 mm.

3. Refrigerator

Tips for purchasing craft beer equipment

The credit of the chiller is much greater than that of the boiler. The preservation of all craft beer is inseparable from the low temperature. Especially the beer of the rag type needs low temperature. Once the refrigeration has problems, the temperature of all the beer will increase, which will seriously affect the quality of the beer. Must choose the quality of the stable, the big brand to live, the equipment is best equipped with 2 refrigerators, two ice water coils, two refrigerators work at the same time, reducing the burden of the refrigerator, there is a problem, another one It can work normally.

4. Boiler

Tips for purchasing craft beer equipment

Boilers are currently standard products, the quality is relatively stable, it is recommended to use large brands, and the use of boilers must be equipped with softened water equipment, otherwise the scale in the boiler will be full, and serious will affect safety.

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