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National Day Happy birthday for seventy years

Oct. 01, 2019

Seventy years of great prosperity and seventy years of enthusiasm, we show the world the tenacious spirit of the Chinese children, the tenacity of reform, the people on the road of creation from generation to generation, for the realization of a century of prosperity, prosperity and national rejuvenation dream, continuous learning, constant innovation, continuous breakthrough!

During the seventy years of ups and downs, the Chinese people have been continually ignoring the opportunity and vitality, moving towards peace and stability, and living a life of prosperity and dignity.

In the future, we are working hard in our own positions. We are willing to work hard and work hard. In the north and south of the motherland, we will contribute to the world's vigorous development of the craft beer industry and design and manufacture more brewing equipment for the world.

All members of the company wish the motherland's 70th anniversary, wish the motherland's tomorrow, the sky is bluer, the mountains are greener, the water is clearer, the economy is more prosperous, the people are happier, and the national strength is stronger. May we be able to contribute more powerful power to the motherland's prosperity and prosperity for the motherland!

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