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Details Overlooked When Selling Beer

Dec. 07, 2020

Details overlooked when selling beer

Many people already know

Clean and sanitize beer brewing equipment

Will be treated as a safe haven by bacteria

They can sneak into the beer at all stages of brewing

Some bad taste, smell and other things

Will also be "covered" by this equipment


But do you know

Some hygienic details in the wine sales process

It's also an important barrier against bacteria


We often encounter

Obviously quality beer

Why does it turn into a bad beer when poured into a customer's glass?

That's because when everyone was selling wine, some details were neglected

Please follow us below

Let's take a look at the details that are easily overlooked

@ beer sales pipeline

When beer flows through the beer pipeline, a thin layer of protein will stick to the wall of the pipeline, which is generally difficult to remove. The long-term attached protein is likely to be a place for bacterial activity. Usually, the cleaning of beer pipelines is by spraying corrosive cleaning liquid into the pipelines. A good boss will clean the beer tube every two weeks, and a good boss will clean it more frequently.

@ beer glass

Unclean or improperly cleaned beer glasses are often overlooked by most people. Often the light in the bar is dim, so it is difficult to find the dust or oil in the cup. Once the beer is poured into the cup, it is easy to appear large bubbles of foam hanging on the inner wall of the beer glass, which is very embarrassing in front of customers. Simply check the cleanness of the cup: Wet the empty cup with water, shake it, pour out the water, and sprinkle some salt on the wall of the cup. If there is dust or oil on the wall of the cup, water will not stick to these places, and without water, the salt will not stick. Therefore, places without salt must not be clean enough.


@ Detergent or disinfectant

 If the beer glass is not rinsed well, it may leave annoying cleaning or disinfectant liquid, which is more irritating and has annoying taste, ruining the originally perfect beer.

 Many industrial cleaning agents are based on chlorine or bromine. Powerful chemicals will react with polyphenols in beer to produce chlorophenol or bromophenol, which will give beer an annoying preservative smell. Therefore, you must pay special attention to ensure that the glass is rinsed clean and there is no smell at all, and then you can pour the beer.

The easily overlooked details

Get it

Use a pair of watchful eyes

Keep an eye on the details

Be careful of bacteria sneaking into beer...

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