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Craft Beer Packaging Design

Mar. 09, 2021

As the saying goes, people rely on clothes, horses and saddles, and products are of course no exception. Good products are the foundation for market development. Once the foundation is laid, a good marketing plan is the best match. In the marketing plan, the packaging design with complete product visual image, clear information transmission, and product personality is the most direct visual manifestation of product marketing, which can help your product stand out among similar products and quickly attract consumers.

How to match good craft beer with good packaging, today I will share with you the following five design concepts:

01 Good vision

Packaging design is the integration and expression of various elements of the design system, including brand information, product information and the main visual image. Good visual packaging design can achieve silent advertisements, silent salesmen, attract consumers' attention and stimulate consumers' desire to purchase. For example, a packaging design that uses an illustration image as the main visual image can better capture the curiosity of young consumers; according to product positioning, beer with non-high-end positioning can choose bright and lively colors to attract consumers' attention and strengthen the vision Stimulate, and then stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

02 With personalization

Due to the continuous improvement of people's consumption ability, consumers express and convey certain emotional symbols to the outside world through visually established emotional factors when purchasing products, including their own identity, personality, taste, hobbies and interest. This determines that the packaging design of the product cannot have a single identification function. It should be based on the analysis of consumer psychology, and in accordance with the consumer needs of different consumer groups, the packaging design should be personalized and expressed, and the uniqueness can be transmitted through vision. Cultural information.


03 Targeted

One of the purposes of beer packaging design is to better promote products. Only products that consumers recognize and purchase behavior can realize their true value and significance. Therefore, in order to make good products face the right consumer groups, packaging design must have clear goals, which requires adequate market research and clear product positioning before product development and design. In order to design packaging that is easily recognized by consumers and the market, designers must be fully familiar with the use scenes, sales channels, packaging materials and processes of beer products when designing, and must not blindly seek unique ideas and excessively pursue eyeball effects. A product that is unique but not understood by the market and consumers is not a good product.

04 The same inside and outside

The choice of packaging must be cost-conscious, and the cost and expense of packaging must be compatible with the value or quality level of the product. Different beer varieties and grades have different quality and value. Therefore, the choice of packaging should use packaging materials and packaging decorations that match its value, so as to appropriately highlight the inherent quality of the product, so as to facilitate the clear choice of consumers. The behavior of "except for gold and jade, defeat among them".

05 Psychological Strategy

With the improvement of people's living standards, everyone's consumption concept and consumer psychology have changed. People buy beer not only to meet their physiological needs, but also to meet their psychological needs. The appropriate product packaging reflects the cultural taste of the product and can meet the changed psychological needs of consumers. This requires that the product packaging shape, volume, weight, color matching, font and pattern selection, etc., strive to be consistent with the consumer’s individual psychology, and achieve the emotional harmony between the packaging and the product, so as to provoke consumers. Purchasing and consumption desire, cultivate consumer groups' loyalty to the brand.

Therefore, packaging design must continuously analyze the psychological needs of target customers, and establish different consumer purchase behavior patterns on this basis, in order to accurately explore the relationship between product packaging and consumer psychology, thereby improving the effect of packaging design and stimulating consumption People have a desire to buy goods.

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