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Beer Taste and Quality Identification

Jul. 09, 2021

The taste and quality identification of beer can be understood from three aspects:

1. Taste types of beer: It is divided into four basic types: mellow, light, strong and soft, and includes the fusion and degree of difference between these four types of beer. These four flavor types have their own representative varieties, for example, Ale beer is a strong type with high ester, high alcohol, and high acidity; and light beer is a low total nitrogen, low bitterness, and low wort concentration. The light and refreshing type; the mellow type with rich, bitter taste represented by Lager beer; the soft type with low fermentation and low higher alcohol.

Second, the taste of beer: According to the characteristics of the raw materials used in the beer and the needs of the characteristics of the beer varieties, there should be basic taste characteristics such as sour, sweet, bitter, and astringent. Different beer varieties have different basic taste perception levels. For example, the degree of fermentation is low, or wort drinks and fruit juice beers are often sweeter, thick dark beers are mostly bitter, and fermented beers above are sour.

3. Unusual smell of beer: No matter what kind of beer, it must have very pure, clean and refreshing taste characteristics, and it must not have unpleasant smells. Beer may have many peculiar smells, such as bark flavour, iron fishy smell, burnt smell, bad bitterness and post-bitterness, salty, musty, astringent and thick taste, etc. If the beer has different types of peculiarities Miscellaneous taste means that the quality of beer products has serious defects.

The appraisal of beer taste quality should be made through product tasting and market consumption research. Once the market recognizes this taste type, attention should be paid to cultivating consumer preferences and efforts to maintain the stability of this taste quality.

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