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All size brewery system matched electrical control cabinet CE


For craft beer brewery project, control mainly includes: Digital display and Siemens PLC control.

For PLC control, the function is:

1.Auto and manual mode for all FV and BBT by solenoid valve

2.Auto and manual mode for chiller machine 

3.Glycol pump should be controlled for FV and BBT conditioning

4.Temperature display for brewhouse:Mash/Boil,Lauter/Whirlpool,and HLT

5.Auto and manual temperature control for brewhouse Mah/Boil and HLT tanks 

6.Add program to achieve automatic mashing in PLC screen with stepwise controll

7.VFD control for mash pump,lauter agitator/racking arm and mash/boil agitator

8.Add program in PLC for spare use for FV to connect with PLC automation in the future

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