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What is the details of ALE beer brewery equipment?              

  • Brewhouse Combination Diversification---Customized beer fermenter

  • Decoction,infusion,multi-step infusion mashing can be realized.

  • Electric,Steam,Gas directly fire heating source for optional

  • 15 days free installation and training service offered by profession engineer.

  • 10 years R&D,Manufacture experience.

  • Beer fermenter of Mirror polishing and wire drawing SUS 304 for optional,thickness:2-3mm

  • Rational layout, Humanized design and convenient operation

Product Description

   • Mash Lauter Tun with grist hydrator

   • Kettle Whirlpool Tank with heating jacketed

   • Grant Tank

   • Stainless steel Platform

   • Plate Heat Exchanger

   • Sanitary Wort Pump x2;

   • Wort Oxygenator;

   • Semi-Auto Control Panel;

   • Interior surface to finish pickled and passivated

   • Exterior surface to brushed, #4 finish


   •Interior surface to polished to RA≤0.22μm

   •Exterior surface adapts satin polish.

  Method of Heating Ways:

  • Steam: Dimple plate jacket with inlet/outlet fittings for Steam heat transfer;

  • Electric: Use electric heaters in jacket to heat the medium in the jacket

  • Gas fired: Use gas burner at bottom to heat tank directly;

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