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Commercial Brewery Distillery Used Steam Generator Gas Electricity Boiler


Electric steam generator characteristics

Product use

Provide production steam for food processing,printing and dyeing and pharmacy,provide degassing steam for medical establishment,provide steam for heating of other enterprise,public institution and hotel,and also provide domestic hot water through heating of water tank. 

Major characteristics

Electricity as energy,no noise and pollution. Adopt quality heater,its surface head load is low and heat efficiency is high. Adopt alumina silicate tapetum fibrosum multi-layer heat preservation,packaged by Baosteel aluminum-zinc color coated sheet;adopt living body packaging cover at both ends,convenient for installation and maintenance.

1. Adopt quality electric heater,its surface load is lower and service life is longer.

2. Startup and shutdown speeds are rapid,running load adjustment scope is wide,regulation speed is quick and operation is simple.

3. According to temperature difference and load change,heating element can adjust input number of heating tube group automatically and can switch input sequence automatically,not only saving energy consumption,but making the running time of each group heating tube balance,and thus prolong the service life of heating tubes.

4. Heating elements can also be manual input or shutdown,convenient for users to adjust boiler heat productivity flexibly.

5. Adopt advanced computer boiler controller,having the advantages of reliable performance,high automation and convenient use. 

6. Accessories select the global quality product and pass testing,to ensure long-term stable running of boiler.

7. High power electric steam boiler adopts the separation mode of furnace body and control cabinet,avoiding affecting use of electrical equipment element due to heating.

Protection function

1. Power source abnormity protection function: boiler stops running immediately.

2. Electric leakage protection function: after control system detects electric leakage of electric heating      element,it will cut off power source automatically.

3. Water shortage protection: cut off heater control circuit timely when boiler is water shortage,to prevent dry combustion of heater and give water shortage alarm indication at the same time.

4. Power source abnormity protection function: boiler stops running immediately. 

Commercial Brewery Distillery Used Steam Generator Gas Electricity Boiler

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